• To construct Churches in the rural areas of Karnataka where land is available
• To support evangelists who are working for the kingdom of God in the rural areas
• To organize Christian Revival meetings in rural areas to spread the Word of God
• To equip rural Churches with Worship service equipment and music instruments
• To repair rural Churches which are in dilapidated conditions
• To encourage and support youths to study Theology course in seminaries
• To appoint Evangelists in different parts of Karnataka to lead the Bible Studies in rural areas and to share the Gospel
• Every member has the responsibility to pray for the organization and its activities

:: Necessity of the Organization

• We have been commanded to go to the corners of the world to spread the Good News.
• Though we cannot participate in the evangelism program, we can still do it through this organization by helping people who are involved in spreading the Gospel
• Though we may not stay in one place we can still work together to spread the Gospel in rural areas of Karnataka
• All the activities of the organization are open and transparent, the only hidden agenda is to spread the Gospel in rural Karnataka
• Every penny collected will go to the field for its purpose, no one will have any right to use it
• None of the members or office bearers or the founder will have any personal benefit or financial gain from the organization except the Eternal Reward